Here you can find some personal projects (not necessarily work related) that I've been working on in the past few years. Side projects are a cornerstone of my creative growth and discovery and I am very proud of them.


More to come!

Masterclass on Mental Fitness and Wellbeing.

In May 2020 I took an intensive online masterclass on Mental Fitness and Wellbeing, taughed by Phil Dobson (UK psychotherapist, author and founder of Brain Workshops).


During the course I learned some useful techniques and strategies to maximise the brain performance and wellbeing.

Vademecum SEO


"Vademecum SEO" is a practical, step by step guide to SEO. It mainly outlines content marketing strategies aimed at driving online traffic and sales from search engines.


It's been released in Italy by Dario Flaccovio Editore in September 2016.

Australia in Testa


The e-book "Australia In Testa" is a practical guide for young italian people who want to move to Australia and start a life overseas.


I self-published it in July 2015.

Photographers Without Borders

Member since 2018.

"Photographers Without Borders" is made of storytellers, educators, activists and conservationists. Photographers Without Borders works to create communication and foster ethical storytelling to amplify grassroots voices.